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Water Level Meter

GLT500B 30-300m Temperature/ Conductivity Water Level Meter

Level range: 30-300m
Temperature range: 0-80°C
Conductivity range: 0-30000μs/cm
9V universal battery powered
Digital display

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The model GLT500B water level meter ia an ideal for profiling conductivity\ level and temperature in well and open water. Ruler length up to 300m(about 1000ft), mounted on a plastic/ metal reel.The conductivity range is from 0-30000μ/cm. conductivity and temperature measurement are display on a rotating LCD screen on the face of the reel.Conductivity accuracy is 1%.

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Level range

Plastic: 30m, 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 250m;

Metal: 300m

Temperature rangeRange 0-80°C, digital display, error 0.5 °C, resolution 0.1°C
Conductivity range Range 0-30000μs/cm, digital display, error 1%, resolution 1μs/cm

Shell material

ABS, Metal

Wire reel

Color: red, blue, yellow, black       material: ABS,    diameter: 310mm


width: 12mm * thickness 2mm


DC 9V universal battery powered

PackingSize: 36*26*44cm
Temperature compensation Automatic linear compensation based on 25 °C

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