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GLT742 radar level meter

GLT742 radar level meter is a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar product operating at 76-81GHz, which operating principle is based on reflection and reception of electromagnetic waves. It realizes objects detection and ranging by using the reflection of electromagnetic waves. Due to its high frequency characteristics, 80G radar level meter has relatively high resolution and detection capability, is suitable for the complex applications that requires high accuracy ranging. It can provide accurate level measurement data and contribute to industrial automatic control.

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Range: 0~30m~60m~120m

Output: 4-20mA/HART,RS485

Accuracy: ±3mm,±1mm

Power supply: 24VDC,220VAC

80G frequency modulation

Short wavelength, good penetration

GLT742 radar level meter uses frequency modulated continuous wave of 76-81GHz. The wavelength is relatively short, the reflection characteristics are better, and the interference from obstacles is relatively small, which is very advantageous in installation. Due to the small beam angle, the antenna size is also small. The product has the characteristics of large range, small blind, good penetration, and the 5GHz working bandwidth improves the measurement resolution and measurement accuracy of the product.

Electromagnetic wave measurement

Large measurement range, high accuracy

GLT742 FM radar level meter adopts electromagnetic wave measurement technology. It has 80G high frequency signal with good signal stability, and the range can reach up to 120m. Through advanced algorithms and procedures, the measurement accuracy can reach up to ±1mm, the signal stability is good, and it is less affected by factors such as temperature and pressure of the medium.

Lens antennas

Good media adaptability and small blind area

GLT742 FM radar level gauge adopts integrated lens antenna. It has no trumpet shape,and can effectively avoid measurement errors because of dust adhesion. The lens antenna made of PTFE can effectively avoid medium corrosion. GLT742 is suitable for various of powders and corrosive media. Its blind ares can be up to 0.08m, and can avoid data faults because of entering measurement blind area, and raise the reliability of the measurement process.

Customer Case

GLT742 Radar Level Meter in Thermal Power Plant Pulverized Coal Bunker


A coal bunker in China domestic thermal power plant, as the energy storage area of the entire power plant, the storage capacity of the coal bunker is of great significance to the entire production. The coal bunkers consist of lump coal bunkers, raw coal bunkers, and powder coal bunkers. It is needed to grasp the material storage capacity of each coal bunker for comprehensive coal management. Long term manual inspection has the disadvantages of poor efficiency and data unifying, which is not conducive to the allocation of resources by process managers. Therefore, it was decided to carry out automated transformation of coal bunker management.

Problems faced by customers include

1.The diameter of the coal bunker is relatively large between 20 and 40m. How to realize the storage conversion of the coal bunker through monitoring the material level?

2.The dust in the powder coal bunker is relatively large, then how to avoid the impact of dust on measurements?

3.How can the collected data be synchronized to the power plant's management platform to achieve visual management on the premise of realizing the control function?


After an actual on-site visit to the customer, the customer currently has three lump coal bunkers: 25 meters in diameter and 40 meters in height; one raw coal bunker: 30 meters in diameter and 45 meters in height; two powder coal bunkers: 25 meters in diameter and 40 meters in height; Considering that the actual material level is tapered structure, and to realize the accurate transformation from material level to storage capacity (volume), two radar level meters are installed on both sides of the top of the coal bunker for material level monitoring. The background PLC collects material level information for average calculation, and obtains accurate coal reserves through height and volume conversion.

In view of the special working conditions of large dust in pulverized coal bunker, the material level measurement adopts 80G FM radar, equipped with universal flange and air source purge function. The wavelength of 80G radar is short, the beam angle is small, and it’s strong enough to penetrate; 80G FM radar level meter can prevent powder from measuring and provide real and reliable data for measurement.

The collected data is connected to the power plant's VPN virtual private network through the PLC's wireless 4G routing to achieve remote visual monitoring of data.

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