Drilling Exploration

Drilling exploration industry refers to the industry that uses drilling technology for geological exploration and resource development. It mainly includes the exploration and development of water, oil, natural gas and geothermal energy.

Drilling exploration is the process of drilling the drill bit into the ground through the drilling well head to obtain underground geological information, exploit mineral resources or carry out underground engineering construction. In this process, understanding the pressure and level at the wellhead is critical to ensuring a safe and efficient drilling operation.

The pressure sensor and level sensor can measure the pressure and level change at the wellhead. They are usually installed on the wellhead device at the drilling wellhead, and by sensing changes in pressure and level at the wellhead, these changes are converted into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the monitoring system or data acquisition equipment for analysis and processing.

GAMICOS, The Ideal Sensor Solutions Partner

GAMICOS pressure sensor and level sensor solutions in the drilling exploration industry, through the data collected by the sensor, can be used to analyze and study the change of various parameters in the drilling process, such as groundwater level, oil and gas pressure, etc., to help geological explorers understand the underground geology, guide the exploration work, and improve the safety, efficiency and results of drilling.

The pressure sensor and level sensor is manufactured with advanced technology and materials, has high reliability and stability, can operate for a long time in harsh working environment, and can resist the adverse factors such as vibration, shock and high temperature.

Why Partner With GAMICOS?

At GAMICOS, we design, engineer, manufacture, test and calibrate products related to drilling exploration industry applications. By choosing us as your measurement and control solutions provider, you will benefit from the following

Rich Industries Experience
With more than 10 years of industry experience, GAMICOS is fully aware of the complex challenges that customers face in the drilling exploration industry. Our team designs the right solutions to help customers overcome application challenges, reduce operational costs or address security concerns.
Excellent Product Quality
We aim to helping you achieve safe and reliable operations on drilling exploration industry. Our product solutions are designed to provide optimal performance and comply with all relevant regulatory standards. They are intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and IP grade certified, and have passed ISO, ATEX, CE,ROHS and other certifications. We also provide traceable calibration certificates.
Easy to use
You can get easy-to-use solutions. We provide different solutions for different ranges and use environments, to maximize the cost performance and easy to install.
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