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GUT741 ultrasonic level sensor

GUT741 ultrasonic liquid level sensor is a sensor that uses ultrasonic technology to measure the height or level of liquid or solid objects. It consists of an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver, a signal processor, etc. The transmitter emits ultrasonic pulses and the receiver receives the reflected ultrasonic signal, a signal processor analyzes the received signal and calculates the distance between the object and the sensor. Finally, the measured distance or liquid level height signal is output to the back-end monitoring system.

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Range: 0~1m~30m

Output: 4-20mA, 0-5v, 0-10v, RS485

Accuracy: 0.5% 0.25%

Power supply: 18-30V, 24V

Non-contact level measurement

Good corrosion resistance, wide measurement range

GUT741 uses piezoelectric ceramic materials as the sensor transmitting element, emits high-frequency sound waves, conducts the sound waves to the surface of the measured medium, and calculates the distance of the measured object through the time difference and the propagation speed of the sound. There is no need to directly contact the liquid to be measured, which avoids problems such as corrosion and contamination caused by traditional liquid level gauges due to contact with liquids. Therefore, the measurement has a wide range of applications and can be applied to the measurement of different liquids, including water, oil, acid and alkali and other liquids.

Temperature compensation

High accuracy and high reliability

In order to reduce the impact of temperature changes on ultrasonic transmission speed, GUT741 has automatic temperature compensation internally to compensate for errors caused by temperature, and uses advanced sensor technology to make the product highly stable and reliable. , which make the sensor work stably for a long time in harsh environments.

Small blind

Large measurement range, conducive to detection and control

GUT741 adopts advanced programs and algorithms to enable the product to have a minimum blind area of 0.06m during measurement. It is obvious advantages for small-range measurement control. It can avoid data errors caused by entering the measurement blind area and improve the reliability of the measurement process.

Customer Case

GUT741 in River Flood Control Monitoring


A city river in Indonesia, different degrees of waterlogging occur in the rainy season every year, especially in recent years, flood control accidents are frequent, and personal safety and property safety are greatly threatened.. Therefore, the local government needs to carry out real-time monitoring of the river water level and timely alarm when the flood control limit value is reached, so that personnel can be transferred promptly and various flood control preparations can be made to minimize casualties and property losses.

Facing problems

1.The river has a high flow rate all year round, how to select sensors to monitor river level?

2.There are many branches and it is inconvenient to provide power supply nearby. how to provide power supply for instruments?

3.How to realize remote monitoring and alarm function of collected river water level information?


After understanding the customers’ local climate conditions, and combining withactual applications on site , we recommended customers using GUT741 ultrasonic level transmitter, and equipped with our GRT102 wireless acquisition module to resolve customers’ level monitoring problems. The customer's on-site power supply problem is solved through the solar power supply solution. GUT741 ultrasonic level transmitter can monitor river level in real time, and it is IP68, which avoids sensor damage because of being exposed to rain for a long time. The collected liquid level uploads to the cloud platform from GRT102 wireless module to realize online monitoring function of PC and APP. t the same time, the alarm threshold is set in the system, and when the alarm reaches the first level, the relevant management personnel are reminded by SMS or email and other forms to remind them to take emergency measures; When the red warning is reached, the warning horn is directly connected to remind the personnel to transfer quickly; Since the operation of the system, it has helped the local government reduce the pressure of flood control, and the program is being promoted locally.

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