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GPT200 Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter

It adopts diffused silicon pressure core as the sensitive component, and the built-in processing circuit converts millivolt signal of the sensor to standard voltage and current signal,which can be directly connected with the computer, control instrument, display instrument, etc.Integrated stainless steel structure, solid state design, easy to install, with very high vibration resistance and impact resistance, can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

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Range: -0.1MPa…0kPa~10kPa…100MPa

Output: 4-20mA 0.5-4.5v 0-5v 0-10v RS485 IIC

Accuracy: 0.5% 0.25% 0.1%

Power supply: 12-30V 3-5V 5V

Electrical interface: Hirschmann, plug-in, cable connection, liquid level outlet, Packard.

Digital Circuit Advantage

Good anti-interference and stability

GPT200 water pressure sensor adopts digital circuit processing. The analog signal output by the sensor is converted into a digital signal through analog-to-digital conversion (ADC). Then it is processed and calculated by a digital processor to improve the accuracy and stability of the measurement, as well as digital filtering, differential Input and other technologies are used to reduce the impact of external interference on measurement results, greatly improving the stability and anti-interference.

High Quality chip Advantages

Long term stability and high durability

GPT200 analog pressure sensor adopts high-quality pressure processing chip, which enables it to have high signal-to-noise ratio and high sensitivity. At the same time, in order to reduce the impact of the environment on the output, the pressure transducer sensor has carried out a series of processes such as laser resistance adjustment, digital circuit correction, cyclic loading and stress release during the production process, which greatly improves the long-term stability and durability.

Customer Case

GPT200 pressure measurement solution for agricultural irrigation


A foreign farm wants to establish an automated irrigation system to realize an automatic watering system for farmland. It senses environmental conditions, monitors soil moisture, temperature, rainfall and other parameters, and automatically controls water pumps, valves, sprinklers and other equipment according to preset watering needs and plans to achieve regular and quantitative watering of crops.

Problems faced by customers include

The main working medium of the automatic irrigation system is water, so the water pressure of the entire system must be controlled to ensure the normal operation of the entire system. The pipes are outdoors, the power supply is inconvenient, and the entire irrigation scheme adopts the spray mode, which requires high power consumption and protection level of the sensor. When the automatic valve of the spray system is closed, there will be water hammer phenomenon in the pipeline, which will cause damage to the sensor.


By learning the customer's site situation and functional requirements,we recommended customers to use GPT200 pressure sensor transmitter series products, which adopts liquid level outlet and IP68 protection level to prevent damage to the sensor caused by the spray process or water immersion. In view of the customer's pipeline water hammer phenomenon, the sensor liquid inlet hole is damped to prevent the product damage caused by instantaneous high pressure. GPT200 water pressure transmitter uses 3.3V power supply and 0.5-2.5V output low power consumption mode. It is connected to the wireless transmission module, and the signals from other sensors are transmitted wirelessly to the customer's control platform to realize automatic control and monitoring of the irrigation system.

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