Refrigeration industry refers to related industries involving refrigeration technology and equipment, mainly including refrigeration equipment manufacturing, refrigeration system engineering, refrigeration accessories and refrigeration materials. The development of the refrigeration industry is closely related to the increase in demand for refrigeration, freezing, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, etc.

The four core components of the refrigeration system are evaporator, condenser, compressor and throttling components.

The sensor is an important part of the refrigeration system, which is used to sense and monitor the various parameters and states of the refrigeration system to ensure the normal operation and efficient performance of the refrigeration system.

GAMICOS, The Ideal Sensor Solutions Partner

GAMICOS pressure sensor solutions in the refrigeration industry can be used to monitor pressure changes in refrigerants to ensure proper system operation. By measuring the pressure of the refrigerant, you can determine the working status of the refrigeration system, such as whether the refrigerant is properly charged or whether there is leakage.

In refrigeration systems, pressure sensors are usually installed on the suction and exhaust sides of the compressor, as well as on key components such as the condenser and evaporator. By measuring the pressure at these positions, the working state and performance parameters of the refrigeration system can be obtained.

Why Partner With GAMICOS?

At GAMICOS, we design, engineer, manufacture, test and calibrate products related to refrigeration applications. By choosing us as your measurement and control solutions provider, you will benefit from the following

Rich Industries Experience
With more than 10 years of industry experience, GAMICOS is fully aware of the complex challenges that customers face in the refrigeration industry. Our team designs the right solutions to help customers overcome application challenges, reduce operational costs or address security concerns.
Excellent Product Quality
We aim to helping you achieve safe and reliable operations on refrigeration industry. Our product solutions provide optimal performance and comply with all relevant regulatory standards. They are intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and flameproof and are ATEX, CE, CNEX certified. We also provide traceable calibration certificates.
Easy to use
You can get easy-to-use solutions. We provide different solutions for different ranges and use environments, to maximize the cost performance and easy to install.
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