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GAMICOS is a high-tech liquid level and pressure measurement Internet brand integrating R&D, production and sales.


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GAMICOS pressure sensors and level sensors can monitor pressure and level changes in chemical production industry, and ensure system operate normally. We can judge the system operating status through pressure and level measurement. For example, pressure monitoring of chemical pipeline can judge if the system operate normally and avoid accidents.

Chemical Pipeline Chemical Tank Reactor

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Oil and Gas

GAMICOS pressure sensor collects pressure value of each process of long distance pipeline in oil and natural gas industry, and monitor real-time pressure of the system. Considering long distance pipeline power supply problem of pressure measurement, the solution adopts wireless pressure sensor, LORA AD hoc network transmission mode and the gateway manage the sensor, The back-end is connected to the back-end control system through the TCP interface, and monitor real-time pressure and ensure the system operate normally.

Oil pipeline Natural gas

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Food and Medicine

Pressure measurement in food industry has hygienic requirements for sensors. The sensors should be easy to clean. To meet the requirements, we launch a sanitary pressure transmitter with flush diaphragm construction, the sensor front has thread mounting and clamp mounting options. It is easy to clean when measuring viscous media, and it resolves hygienic problems of traditional pressure transducers, makes monitoring processes reliable and environment friendly.

Food Beverage Ventilator Oxygen measurement

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Fuel Monitoring

Fuel level monitoring is a technique used to monitor fuel (Diesel, oil) level changes in fuel storage equipment. You can monitor fuel level in real time and get accurate data and alarm information by using of fuel level sensors.

Diesel Generators Vehicle Fuel Tanks Petrol Stastion Fuel Storage Tanks

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Water treatment

GAMICOS pressure sensor and level sensor can help you monitor each pools real-time and provide accurate liquid height. It contributes to automatic operation of water treatment process and avoids accidents occurrence.

Sewage treatment Agricultural irrigation Constant pressure

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Machinery Manufaturing

GAMICOS pressure sensors monitor pressure change of the production processes on machinery manufacturing industries to make sure the system operate normally. It can judge the system working status through pressure. For example, oil pressure monitoring in hydraulic control system can judge if the system overload or not, and avoid accidents occurrence.

Machinery Equipment Tractor manufacturing

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Municipal fire

GAMICOS pressure transmitters and level transmitters collect pressure and level data from each process of the fire system. They analyze and research various parameters change in the whole system, such as fire pools level, fire pipeline pressure, help fire management personnel to grasp the operating status of the whole fire system, guide the maintenance and transportation personnel work, find out problems in time, resolve the errors, and improve the safety and reliability of the fire system.

Fire Pipeline Fire Pools Fire Storage Tank

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Hydrologic monitoring

GAMICOS liquid level sensors (submersible level transmitter, ultrasonic level sensor, radar level sensor etc.) can help real-time monitoring of water level, water quality, rainfall and other important indicators, providing data support and early warning functions to help protect water resources and prevent natural disasters in the hydrological monitoring industry solutions.

River flood control Rivers monitoring Dams

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GAMICOS pressure sensor solutions in the refrigeration industry can be used to monitor pressure changes in refrigerants to ensure proper system operation. By measuring the pressure of the refrigerant, you can determine the working status of the refrigeration system, such as whether the refrigerant is properly charged or whether there is leakage.

Air compressor Air conditioner

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Drilling Exploration

GAMICOS pressure sensor and level sensor solutions in the drilling exploration industry, through the data collected by the sensor, can be used to analyze and study the change of various parameters in the drilling process, such as groundwater level, oil and gas pressure, etc., to help geological explorers understand the underground geology, guide the exploration work, and improve the safety, efficiency and results of drilling.

Deep well Well drilling

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About us

GAMICOS is a high-tech liquid level and pressure measurement Internet brand integrating R&D, production and sales. It is committed to becoming an excellent solution service in the liquid level and pressure measurement industry.

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