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GLT622 Fuel Level Monitoring System

GLT622 magnetostrictive liquid level gauge system consists of level gauge probe and console. The probe adopts the principle of the Wiedemann Effect, Villari Effect, and ultrasonic effect to convert liquid level information into an easily measurable amount of time, realizing the collection of liquid level and interface level. The collected date is transmitted to the console for calculation and processing through RS-485 communication. The processed information is displayed on the display screen and transmitted to the backend liquid level management system through serial communication.

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Range: 0~0.5m~20m

Output: RS485, RS232

Accuracy: ±0.5mm

Repeatability: ±0.1mm

Resolution: 0.01mm

Power supply: 220VAC

Magnetostrictive probe advantage

High accuracy and excellent repeatability

GLT622 liquid level gauge probe adopts the principle of the Wiedemann Effect between magnetostrictive wire waveguide wire and vernier magnetic ring (floating ball). The control module in the electronic warehouse calculates the time difference between the query pulse and the received signal to calculate the absolute distance of the liquid level, so that the product accuracy is within ±0.5mm and the repeatability is within ±0.1mm.

Console advantage

Intuitive display, remote monitoring

GLT622 liquid level gauge console adopts 8 inches LCD screen. It is not only the interface for customers operation and display, but also the center for data processing and recording. The liquid level data collected is converted into volume through a volume meter, and visually displayed using a combination of numbers and shapes. The console comes with a TCP interface, allows the console to implement networking functions. It can realize data remote monitoring through mini program or APP, help customers grasp liquid level at any time.

Customer Case

GLT622 Liquid Level Gauge System in Gas Station Storage Tanks


A gas station affiliated to a large Indonesian oil company needs to make statistics on the oil amount in stock and delivered everyday when the shift is handed over. Before, they adopt manual ruler measurement to monitor storage tanks in the reservoir area. It is highly affected by human factors, and difficulties in creating reports, and unifying data cause relatively high management costs for gas stations of the companies. In order to realize data exchange between oil stations and management companies and thereby improve management efficiency, Therefore, it was decided to carry out intelligent transformation of its petrol stations.

Customers facing problems

1. Oil level monitoring of underground tanks in the reservoir area requires measurement of oil level, water level, volume and other information. How to choose a suitable liquid level sensor?

2. The system should meet various report requirements, including stock, handover report, and upper and lower limit alarm functions.

3. How to synchronize the data of each petrol station to the company management platform to grasp the sales situation of each site, and properly arrange oil tank supply vehicles in the reservoir area.


Customer application:The storage tanks of each oil station are diesel or gasoline. The number of underground tanks at each oil station is 5, and the distance from the oil station office is between 100 and 300m; Based on the understanding of onsite applications, we recommended customers using our GLT622 liquid level gauge system as shown in the following.

1.A console connects with 5 probes, and realizes oil level, water level and temperature measurement, transfers data to the console through RS485 communication mode.

2.The data is processed and displayed inside the console. It can be converted into volume according to the volume table, and the volume can be monitored in real time. A data report can be generated after one click, and can be connected to a printer for direct printing;

3.The data is connected to the Internet through the TCP interface that comes with the console to realize remote monitoring with PC and mobile APP. The gas stations are supplemented according to oil consumption of each petrol station.

Through the operation of the liquid level gauge system, the workload of personnel has been reduced, and the level of operation and management has been improved through data exchange. At present, the customer's oil station has begun a comprehensive transformation.

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