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  • GLT500

GLT500 Submersible pressure level sensor

It is made of high-performance piezoresistive diffused silicon pressure sensor as measuring element. It can be directly put into the liquid to measure height from the end of sensor to the liquid level, and converted into a standard analog signal or digital signal output through a signal conditioning circuit.

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Range: 0~0.5m~200m

Output: 4-20mA 0.5-4.5v 0-5v 0-10v RS485 IIC

Accuracy: 0.5% 0.25% 0.1%

Power supply: 12-30V 3-5V 5V

Fully-Welded Structure

No risk of leakage, easy to clean

GLT500 submersible level transmitter adopts fully welded technology, there is no sealing ring in the wetted part of the product, and it avoids the leakage caused by sealing ring failure. The whole sensor is front-mounted, which this gets rid of the problem that the liquid inlet hole installed with the sealing ring is easily blocked, and the diaphragm is easily blocked. It is easy to clean, Easy installation and maintenance,

Temperature compensation

High accuracy and stability

To improve the stability of the product, GLT500 water pressure level sensor undergoes laser resistance trimming, secondary temperature compensation in a high and low temperature chamber during the production process to reduce the sensor accuracy drift caused by temperature changes. These processes are to reduce sensor accuracy drift caused by temperature changes. After the adjustment of the processing circuit, the accuracy and stability of GLT500 hydrostatic pressure level sensors are greatly improves.

Customer Case

GLT500 in Industrial Sewage Treatment Applications


A domestic mechanical processing park needs to carry out comprehensive management of sewage discharge from each workshop. There are many mechanical processing companies in the park and they discharge liquid with metal cutting slag everyday. Before, the sewage is discharged from sewer directly, now for environment protection, each workshop is equipped with a sewage collection tank so that collection vehicles can collect it in time and process it centrally to achieve environmental protection goals.

Problems faced by customers include

1.Each monitoring point is in the open air outside the workshop, so there is high requirement for product protection level;

2.The tank is a large plastic bucket with a height of about 2 meters. There will be a large amount of water droplets condensing on the top of the tank. It is necessary to consider what kind of liquid level measuring instrument to choose to avoid sensor measurement errors caused by water droplets.

The product needs to be connected to the integrated management platform to achieve wireless upload of data. More than 300 points in the entire factory are monitored, and alarm prompts are given after the liquid level at each point accumulates to a certain height.


By learning customer actual applications and processes, we recommended to use our GLT500 submersible level transmitter. The product can achieve accurate measurement of liquid level when it is put into the tank. It has an IP68 protection, uses 12V power supply and RS485 output. All liquid level data are uploaded to the integrated management platform through the 4G wireless module.At the same time, a high level of 1.5m is set to send out an alarm message so that vehicles can be arranged to collect sewage。 A high level alarm of 1.8m is set.,when this level is reached, it must be processed immediately. The entire system realizes intelligent management of sewage collection and treatment in the industrial park, greatly saving operation and management costs.

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