Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery manufacturing industry refers to types of machinery equipment production industries like power machinery, agricultural, metallurgical mining, chemical, sewing, machine tools, tools, instruments, meters and other mechanical equipment.

In the process of machinery manufacturing, there are all continuous automated production lines. Monitoring and controlling each process of the production in order to dynamically control the equipment, get good technical and economic benefits, social and economic benefits.

Pressure is one of the important control values in machinery manufacturing. It senses pressure in each process of the production procedures to monitor operating status of the equipment, to ensure the safe operating and high performance of the system.

GAMICOS, The Ideal Sensor Solutions Partner

GAMICOS pressure sensors monitor pressure change of the production processes on machinery manufacturing industries to make sure the system operate normally. It can judge the system working status through pressure. For example, oil pressure monitoring in hydraulic control system can judge if the system overload or not, and avoid accidents occurrence.

In agricultural machinery, pressure transducers are usually on the key parts like transmission oil pressure measurement, hydraulic system oil pressure measurement, and vehicle air system. Through measuring pressure of these points, customers can get pressure of different locations of the whole system, and monitor operating status and performance of the equipment.

Why Partner With GAMICOS?

We design, engineer, manufacture, produce, test and calibrate the relative products of Machinery Manufacturing industries at GAMICOS. Choose us as your source of measurement and control solution, you can benefit from us the following

Rich Industries Experience
With over 10 years industrial experience, GAMICOS has been deeply aware of the complex challenges for customers facing with machinery manufacturing industries. Our team members are always trying to design suitable solutions, helping our clients to overcome application challenges, and reducing operating costs or resolving safety issues.
Excellent Product Quality
We aim at helping our customers achieve safe and reliable machinery manufacturing industries operating. Our product solution aims to provide the best performance for customers, and comply with all relevant regulatory standards. They have intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and IP protection rating certifications, and have passed ISO, ATEX, CE, RoHS certifications, and we can also provide traceable calibration certifications.
Easy to use
We make great efforts to create easy-to-use solutions for our machinery manufacturing industry customers. For example, we have several pressure and level transducers with various types and working principles. The industrial solution is various under different applications. We provide customers low cost and easy-to-install product solutions.
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