Fuel Level Monitoring

Fuel level monitoring is a technique used to monitor fuel (Diesel, oil) level changes in fuel storage equipment. You can monitor fuel level in real time and get accurate data and alarm information by using of fuel level sensors.

The fuel level sensors are suitable for all kinds of fuel storage equipment, including fuel tanks, fuel stations, etc. It can help you to know the fuel level in real time to avoid the occurrence of fuel shortage or overflow.

You can remotely monitor the fuel level change, get the data from the monitoring center or the mobile phone, computer etc. At the same time, you can set the fuel level alarm function. It will automatically send alarm information to remind you when the fuel level exceeds or below the set threshold.

GAMICOS, The Ideal Sensor Solutions Partner

GAMICOS provides product solutions for fuel level monitoring. The advantage of fuel level sensor is that it improves the management efficiency and safety of fuel storage equipment.

You can replenish fuel in time to avoid production interruptions or equipment damage caused by insufficient fuel. Meanwhile, you can also monitor the fuel level change, such as fuel leakage or theft, timely alarm to ensure the safety.

Why Partner With GAMICOS?

At GAMICOS, we design, engineer, manufacture, test and calibrate products related to fuel level monitoring applications. By choosing us as your sensor solutions provider, you will benefit from the following

Extensive Experience
With more than 10 years of industry experience, GAMICOS recognizes the complex challenges you face on the fuel level monitoring industry. Our team designs the right solutions to help you overcome challenges, reduce operating costs or address security concerns.
Excellent Product Quality
We aim to helping you achieve safe and reliable operations on fuel level monitoring. Our product solutions provide optimal performance and comply with all relevant regulatory standards. They are intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and flameproof and are ATEX, CE, CNEX certified. We also provide traceable calibration certificates.
Easy to use
You can get easy-to-use solutions. We provide different solutions for different ranges and use environments, to maximize the cost performance and easy to install.
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