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GLTV7 capacitive fuel level sensor

It is used to continuously detect the level height of the oil level due to the change of capacitance caused by the rise or fall of the fuel.The product can be cut off freely according to the height of the tank, and can be adapted to the GPS tracking system to measure the fuel consumption of the tank in real time, can directly replace the original vehicle oil level sensor to connect the original vehicle instrument; The product has strong stability and long service life.

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Range: 200~1500mm (Can OEM)

Output: 0.5-4.5v 0-5v RS485 RS232

Accuracy: 2%

Power supply: 10-32V, 5V

High-performance Processing Circuit

High stability and resolution

GLTV7 sensores de combustible adopts digital processing circuit, with strong anti-interference ability. For the measurement of automobile fuel tank, the program end can reasonably set damping time, eliminate the output error caused by abnormal fluctuations caused by turbulence, making the system stable and reliable. At the same time, the powerful computing power allows the product to have a very high resolution up to 0.1mm.

Cut Freely

High adaptability

GLTV7 capacitive fuel level sensor uses an aluminum alloy probe rod, and the processing circuit adopts an external calibration program. ,It can be cut off according to the size of the fuel tank installed on site. It is equipped with a handheld calibration device. It is easy to operate. It can achieve accurate liquid level measurement with one calibration, making the product more adaptable to various fuel tanks.

Customer Case

GLTV7 solutions for fuel consumption management in vehicles


A shipping company at abroad has the problem of fuel management chaos, and often faces the situation of oil leakage, which makes the company's operation difficult, so they decided to carry out fuel consumption management of the fleet. Reasonable fuel consumption management can help the fleet reduce operating costs and improve profitability. Fuel is one of the largest operating costs of a transportation fleet, and the management of fuel consumption is directly related to the profitability of the fleet. Scientific and reasonable management of fuel consumption can reduce fuel consumption and operating costs, thereby improving the profitability of the fleet.

Problems faced by customers include

1.The first problem is the monitoring of the fuel level of the vehicle tank, what kind of fuel level sensor is used to achieve the monitoring of the fuel level, because the vehicles of the fleet are not unified, the specifications of the fuel tank are not unified, it is difficult to calculate the number of each specification in batch procurement, and the subsequent spare parts are difficult to purchase at one time,which may cause trouble in the future;

2.The second problem is how to achieve wireless data transmission and directly to the customer's fuel consumption management platform.


By learning customer application, we found that the fuel tank size of the customer's fleet is between 420mm and 680mm. We recommended customer to use our GLTV7 capacitive fuel level sensor, which uses an aluminum alloy probe rod, and can be cut freely according to onsite fuel tank depth. It is also equipped with handheld calibration device, the on-site calibration can be accurately measured after the truncation according to actual needs, Spare parts are selected with 700mm to facilitate the use of newly added vehicles.The signal adopts RS485 protocol to connect the GPS remote terminal of the customer's vehicle to realize the remote monitoring of vehicle fuel consumption, which greatly improves the level of operation and management of the fleet.

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