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GLTV7S capacitive liquid level sensor

The GLTV7S capacitive liquid level sensor realizes liquid level measurement based on the principle of capacitance changes caused by the rise or fall of the medium. The sensor has two internal and external electrodes, and the measured medium enters between the electrodes through the liquid inlet hole at the bottom; when the liquid level rises , the capacitance value between the two electrodes will increase, and conversely, when the liquid level drops, the capacitance value will decrease. By measuring the change in capacitance value, the height of the liquid level can be determined. The product does not require calibration, is adaptive to various measurement media, and is not affected by the type of media.

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Range: 100~1500mm (can be customized)

Output: 4-20mA, 0.5-4.5v, 0-5v, RS485, RS232

Accuracy: 1%

Power supply: 9~36V, 5V

Dual CPU

Accurate data, stable signal output

The Newly updated GLTV7S capacitive liquid level sensor adopts dual CPU, combined with more than 10 years practical experience, and summed up the innovative algorithm, completely solved the traditional capacitive sensor by temperature caused by the data drift and output jump and other problems, the output curve is smooth, so that the measurement is more accurate and reliable.

Automatic calibration

No calibration, accurate analysis

GLTV7S adopts the internal and external double electrodes measurement method and military-grade measuring components The program terminal has an automatic temperature compensation function, so that the product has an automatic calibration function, automatically identifies the zero point and the full point, and realizes adaptive measurement of the measurement medium without manual labor to achieve accurate measurement of liquid level.

Customer Case

GLTV7S in Rainwater Collection System


Netherlands in Europe, because of the local policies, water recycling is required to decrease water resource waste. Groundwater extraction also leads to the deterioration of the local ecological environment, and the cost of collecting water from other places remains high, at the same time, it also does harm to environmental protection. Local government wants to make a rainwater collection system to save water resource. The collected rainwater would be used to municipal irrigation in order to realize full utilization of water resources.

Facing problems

1.The degree of rainwater pollution in different neighborhoods are different, including sediment, suspended matter, etc., and How to avoid the impact of the medium on sensor measurements.

2,In the whole collection system, real-time liquid level monitoring of each trough is required. The depth of the trough is between 80-100mm, how to select the liquid level sensor?

3. It is necessary to establish a visualization platform for the entire system to understand the precipitation situation in each region from a macro perspective in order to guide the work of the back-end water storage and treatment system.


Targeting customers project needs, we recommend customers using our GLTV7S capacitive liquid level sensor. we recommend that customers use our GLTV7S capacitive liquid level sensor. The product is suitable for small-scale liquid level monitoring, with small blind areas and high accuracy. It adopts an automatic calibration procedure, and changes in the medium do not affect the liquid level measurement of the product. Considering that the sensor measurement points are scattered and the signal collection cost is high, it is recommended that customers use a wireless acquisition module to directly upload the collected liquid level information to the customer's system management platform to achieve visual observation of liquid level data and back-end water storage. The system uses our input-type liquid level GLT500 for liquid level monitoring, and controls the liquid level of the reservoir based on real-time rainfall analysis; the collected water is treated and used for municipal irrigation. The system realizes full utilization of water resources and makes great contributions to environmental protection.

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