Municipal Fire

The municipal fire industry refers to the departments or institutions responsible for urban public fire work. The main responsibility is to ensure the fire safety of the city in public places, buildings, roads, etc.

With the development of urbanization, people become increasingly aware of fire safety. The Fire accidents severely threaten people’s life and property. Therefore, governments and relevant departments around the world increase the investment and support of the municipal fire industry to improve the level of city fire safety.

Pressure sensors and level sensors measure the pressure and level change in the whole fire system. They are always on fire pools, municipal fire pipeline, monitor level of the fire pools and pipeline pressure of the fire pipe network. It is to ensure the whole fire system operate safely and reliable.

GAMICOS, The Ideal Sensor Solutions Partner

GAMICOS pressure transmitters and level transmitters collect pressure and level data from each process of the fire system. They analyze and research various parameters change in the whole system, such as fire pools level, fire pipeline pressure, help fire management personnel to grasp the operating status of the whole fire system, guide the maintenance and transportation personnel work, find out problems in time, resolve the errors, and improve the safety and reliability of the fire system.

GAMICOS pressure and level transducer production adopts advanced technology and material, has the features of high reliability and stability. They can operate in harsh environment for a long time, and can resist the influence of such factors like vibration, shock and high temperature.

Why Partner With GAMICOS?

We design, engineer, manufacture, produce, test and calibrate the relative products of municipal fire industries at GAMICOS. Choose us as your source of measurement and control solution, you can benefit from us the following

Rich Industries Experience
With over 10 years industrial experience, GAMICOS has been deeply aware of the complex challenges for customers facing with municipal fire industries. Our team members are always trying to design suitable solutions, helping our clients to overcome application challenges, and reducing operating costs or resolving safety issues.
Excellent Product Quality
We aim at helping our customers achieve safe and reliable fire system operating. Our product solution aims to provide the best performance for customers, and comply with all relevant regulatory standards. They have intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and IP protection rating certifications, and have passed ISO, ATEX, CE, RoHS certifications, and we can also provide traceable calibration certifications.
Easy to use
We make great efforts to create easy-to-use solutions for our municipal fire industry customers. For example, we have several pressure and level transducers with various types and working principles. The industrial solution is various under different applications. We provide customers low cost and easy-to-install product solutions.
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