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  • GLT5001

GLT5001 Submersible diesel level sensor

GLT5001 submersible level sensor is specially designed for diesel level measurement by GAMICOS, it adopts a highly reliable silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as the pressure sensitive core, after automatic temperature compensation, programmable digital circuit correction and signal conditioning , it can output standard analog and digital signals.

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Range: 0m~0.5m…10m(customized)

Output: 4-20mA 0.5-4.5v 0-5v 0-10v RS485 IIC

Accuracy: 0.5% 0.25%

Power supply: 12-30V 3-5V 5V

Cable material: PU PTFE

Fully-Welded Structure

Improve product reliability, enhance corrosion resistance, stability, and reduce product maintenance

The traditional products use O-ring seal, a long time there will be a risk of seal failure, resulting in product damage, GLT5001 diesel level sensor and the shell between the full welding technology, the liquid part of the integrated structure, the product without leakage risk, to avoid the measurement error caused by the sensor injection caused by economic losses; The all-welded structure reduces the number of installed parts, improves the corrosion resistance of the product, increases the stability of the product, reduces the maintenance cost of the product, and makes the liquid level measurement simple and reliable.

Magnetic base shockproof design

Good stability, high durability

Conventional products use conventional water guide head, in the dynamic tank, or with feed tank measurement, due to the turbulence of the medium, will cause the sensor inside the tank shake with the medium, resulting in measurement errors, or the sensor and the inner wall of the tank collision resulting in sensor damage caused by measurement failure. GLT5001 diesel level sensor adopts a magnetic water guide head. When the probe is sunk into the bottom of the jar, the sensor will be adsorbed on the bottom of the jar, and will not shake with the movement of the jar or the infusion of liquid, ensuring stable and accurate measurement; The interior of the magnetic seat is shock-proof design, and soft connection is used between the sensor and the magnet to avoid sensor damage caused by vibration and greatly increase the service life of the product.

Customer Case

GLT5001 diesel level monitoring in cargo ships


Cargo ships in the Yangtze River basin need to carry out intelligent transformation, and a unified account of the diesel consumption of all ships should be established to realize the intelligent management of the diesel volume of the ship, real-time monitoring of the tank level of the ship, to avoid the occurrence of diesel leakage, and timely warning of the oil volume of the ship to avoid accidents.

How to solve the diesel level measurement of the vessel tank?

The diesel level measurement scheme of ship diesel tank needs to be solved, because wireless data transmission is required, so the product power consumption and reliability requirements are high, radar level sensors, ultrasonic level sensors and other reflection level sensors are not suitable for power consumption requirements due to product power supply, magnetostrictive level sensors will reduce the reliability of products because of ship swaying.


Based on the understanding of the customer's on-site situation and the product's functional requirements, we recommend the use of submersible level sensor, the use of Magnetic base shockproof design, the level sensor into the tank, adsorbed at the bottom of the tank to ensure that the sensor will not cause measurement problems with the shaking of the ship, combined with the customer's on-site power supply and low power consumption requirements, the product uses 3.3-5V power supply RS485 output, the output signal is connected to the wireless communication module, and the data is directly transmitted to the customer management platform. After back-end data processing, the diesel volume of different vessels is centralized display and management, and the unified ledger is established to realize the intelligent monitoring of the diesel consumption of vessels.

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