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Ultrasonic Level Meter

GUT800 Integrated digital ultrasonic level meter

Non contact type, 1-15m range
LCD or LED display can be optional
Read liquid level, weight, temperature data directly
And output current / voltage, limit switches, level address

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GUT800  Integrated ultrasonic liquid level meter  is high protection class and multi-function type measuring instrument. It is all sealed guard and up to IP68 protection class and suitable for high temperature environment. With a wide range of temperature compensation and the original ERD interference intelligent recognition system, the measurement can achieve high accuracy and stability. It can be used to measure distance or level, and the value would displayed in LED or LCD and transmitted a great distance.


◆ Can display different information   include level, weight, temperature, output current / voltage, limit switches, level address, etc.

◆ Setting function of display stability, display resolution d = 1cm, d = 1mm (optional) With 4mA, 20mA digital adjustment function, 

    it is easy to debug

◆ Select the transmit power level between 1-15, with setting function of detection period 10-100 times per second.


 Measuring range




0. 5%F·S(default)    0.25%F·S(customize)
Output signal 

4~20mA ,0~5V,1~10V,RS232,RS485

1~3 relays or others

Working power

DC24V/300mA or DC12V/300mA, AC220V/50hz

Beam angle

15°,12°,9°(according to sensor can customize)

Displaydigit LED display, LCD display

Three light touch buttons

Operation temperature


customize: -20~70°C,-30°C,-40°C

Mounting modescrew,  sifter clamping
Application environment

normal pressures, non-explosion-proof

non-corrosive environment

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