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Fuel Level Sensor

GLTV7 Capacitive Cuttable Diesel Fuel Level Sensor

High accuracy, resolution ≤ 1 mm
Level range 200~2000mm (Cuttable)
External manual calibration
Fit for GPS tracking system

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GLTV7 Capacitance fuel level sensor is used to continuously detect fuel level by measuring the capacitance variations as the liquid level changes, which can be easily shortened to fit the different tank depths. It can carry out real-time monitoring with GPS tracking system, can directly replace the fuel level sensor and connect the instruments in original car; With the characteristics of strong stability and long service life.

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Customer Photos:

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1.Capacitive fuel level sensor used in truck tank

"GLTV7 was successfully installed and working well. I plan to purchase another batch of my new car," said Romanian customer Jason. He owns his own fuel truck company with a total of 200 trucks.

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2.Refueling truck

Kenyan customer Bruce gave his customer an online oil level monitoring program. After comparing multiple samples, he finally chose GLTV7. "The output of the product is working stable in different environments," Bruce said.



200~1500mm (Can be shorted ,customizable)

materialProbe :Aluminum   Wire: PVC (PA is optional)


Gasoline, Diesel , fuel, Kerosen
Output signal  0~5V, 0.5~4.5V  RS232, RS485(OEM)
Power supply




Protection class IP65

5s/time(Can be customized )


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