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Super September-Big Discount


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GAMICOS - Pressure/ level measurement expert

Super September: Big Discount

“We found that many foreign customers often like our products, and the unit price is very competitive, but because of the expensive postage, they give up buying.”

Now we are launching free shipping fee, 30% off and coupons in september! Come on and have a try!

Free shipping product: 

 GPT200, GPT230, GLT500, GUT740, GUT741 and GUT800, these all very hot in the market!


Discount of 30%:  GUT810

    It's a never-before low price! GUT810 is a non-contact ultrasonic level meter that  Compatible with our GPS. 

   For fuel consumption monitoring.


Coupons details as follows:

  •   $30 off orders of $3000,

  •   $50 off orders of $5000,

  •   $120 off orders of $10000.

  •   ( available for our all products)


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Only one Septemb er in a year, if you have a plan to place order in the near future,

why not now?

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