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Vehicle Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

GUT810 fuel consumption monitoring solution


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 Fuel Consumption Monitoring Solution


The fuel consumption monitoring system is a very necessary choice for today's vehicle management. Our system is divided into sensor layer and application layer.The ultrasonic oil level sensor can be easily installed in an unobtrusive position at the bottom of the fuel tank, with a remote positioning system and GPRS transmission.You can easily track, view and manage your vehicle and fuel consumption on your company's computer no matter where and when the vehicle is. Mounting our sensors in the car does not have any effect on the vehicle itself. At the same time, it allows users to clearly feel the benefits of the system's convenience and security.

You can monitor the trajectory and fuel consumption of all vehicles on the platform from your computer or Android device. You can manage it in the company or in any corner of the world.

We offer customized products and remote technical support services. Product design can be tailored to your requirements to customize a personalized fuel consumption monitoring solution.

System shown


Install the ultrasonic oil level sensor and GPS device on the vehicle you want to monitor. The GPS satellite system will track the position of the vehicle in real time.At the same time, the GPS device on the vehicle transmits the collected real-time data to the communication base station in a wireless transmission manner.Therefore, as long as you are connected to the network, you will receive real-time data information sent by the communication base station.

Sensor layer: ultrasonic measurement principle


The ultrasonic oil level sensor uses non-contact ultrasonic measurement technology to utilize the penetration of ultrasonic waves in solids and liquids. When the ultrasonic wave emitted by the probe encounters the liquid surface, it forms a reflected echo and is received by the probe. The liquid level height value can be directly converted by the transmission speed of the ultrasonic wave in the corresponding medium.



The fuel consumption monitoring program uses an externally attached ultrasonic probe for easy installation and use. Avoid opening the tank without destroying the original structure of the tank. Easy to maintain.

Application Layer

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