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Pressure Sensors are Used in Hydraulic Systems


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Pressure Sensors are Used in Hydraulic Systems

Pressure sensors are mainly used in water supply pipeline, gas supply pipeline measurement, hydraulic system measurement, such as booster cylinder, supercharger, gas-liquid booster cylinder, gas-liquid supercharger, pressure machine, compressor, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and other fields.

Pressure sensor is mainly used to complete the closed-loop control of force in hydraulic system. When the control spool suddenly moves, in a very short time will form several times the system operating pressure peak pressure. In typical walking machinery and industrial hydraulics, any pressure sensor can be quickly destroyed if such extreme conditions are not considered in the design.It is necessary to use impact resistant pressure sensor. There are two main methods for pressure sensor to achieve impact resistance. One is strain exchange type chip, the other is external coils.In addition, there is another reason that the pressure sensor is also subjected to continuous pressure pulsation from the hydraulic pump.

Recommended products: Piezoresistive diffused silicon pressure sensor, GAMICOS GPT200 series pressure sensor, strong overload and impact resistance, over pressure up to several times the range.