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Constant Pressure Water Supply

Pressure sensor in constant pressure water supply system


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Pressure sensor in constant pressure water supply system


As the scale of urban construction continues to expand, there are higher requirements for the stability of production and domestic water supply. Many old water supply stations have backward system configurations. Unit control is manually operated by personnel, and it is impossible to accurately monitor the pressure and water level changes of the water supply pipes. During peak water consumption, water pressure often falls short of supply.


With the development of AC frequency conversion speed regulation technology, sensor technology and intelligent control technology, frequency conversion speed regulation technology has been maturely used in the field of water supply, realizing the stepless speed regulation of water pump motors.

The automatic constant pressure water supply system adjusts the speed of the motor pump according to the required pressure and changes in water consumption. The water pressure in the pipeline can be kept constant, which can not only meet the water supply requirements, avoid water supply accidents, but also save electricity.

Frequency conversion constant pressure water supply system is widely used in industrial, urban and rural production and domestic water. There are 20-2000 households with daily water supply, daily water supply is 20-50,000m3, and the water supply height can be as high as 150 meters, that is, a 50-story building.

Constant pressure water supply application:

1. Newly built residential quarters, high-rise villas, hotels and restaurants, and fire water supply.

2. Industrial water, especially production water with constant pressure.

3. Renovation of the old water supply system (air pressure, water tower, high-level water tank).

4. Various boiler cold water supply systems and boiler hot water.

5. Frequency conversion constant pressure water supplement system.


The principle of pressure transmitter regulating and controlling water pressure


The constant pressure water supply system is composed of pressure sensors, programmable controllers, frequency converters and pump motors.

The pressure closed loop automatic adjustment system, according to user requirements, first set the water supply pressure value, and then energize to run, and monitor the pressure of the pipe network through the pressure sensor.

The pressure sensor converts the pressure value into a standard analog signal and uploads it to the programmable controller or microcomputer controller. The signal is analyzed and processed, and the pressure value monitored by the pressure transmitter is compared with the set pressure value. According to the comparison result, the controller will output a signal to the inverter to control the operation of the pump.

When the water supply pressure is less than the set value, the output voltage and frequency will increase, the pump revolutions will increase, and the water output will increase. When the water supply pressure is greater than the set value, the pump revolutions will decrease and the water output will decrease to ensure that the pipe network pressure is maintained. Set the pressure value to realize the constant pressure water supply of the entire water supply network.

Related product

The source of the controller control signal, the number of revolutions of the water pump, and the opening or closing of the valve depend on the pressure value measured by the pressure transmitter. Therefore, the pressure measurement value is the key to the normal operation of the system. The selected pressure transmitter must be Ensure stable and reliable work, accurate signal transmission, strong anti-interference, high response speed and other characteristics.


GPT200 pressure transmitter

GPT200 diffused silicon pressure transmitter is a general-purpose high-stability all-solid-state design pressure transmitter launched by our company. The transmitter uses high-stability, high-reliability piezoresistive pressure sensor and high-performance transmitter dedicated circuit, diffused silicon pressure core, and integrated stainless steel structure. Its built-in circuit can convert the sensor's millivolt signal to standard voltage and current signal output. The product has extremely high vibration resistance and impact resistance. After multiple stainless steel welding, it can be used for a long time in harsh environments and is easy to install.



1.316L stainless steel isolation diaphragm structure

2. Micro amplifier, voltage and current signal output

3. Strong anti-interference, good long-term stability

4. A variety of electrical connections are optional, easy to install and use

5. Small size, low cost, can be customized by OEM customers

6. Wide range, can measure absolute pressure, gauge pressure and sealed gauge pressure