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Constant Pressure Water Supply

Water supply system for water pipe network


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Water supply system for water pipe network

System overview:

 With the rapid economic development and the acceleration of urbanization, the emission of various pollutants causes rivers, reservoirs and groundwater bodies to be polluted to varying degrees, which leads to the constant threat of urban water sources. Due to the long pipeline, geological structure is complex, resulting in the water in the pipe network may be long, under such conditions easy to occur complex physical, chemical, biological changes, resulting in changes in water quality;

How to facilitate and economy of the water pipe network of various parameters of real-time monitoring, has been bothering the management personnel of the relevant departments.

The traditional water pipe network monitoring is mainly by the duty personnel periodic inspection. High labor costs, but also leave many factors, there are security risks.


Pressure monitoring of pipelines, pressurized stations, water storage tanks, water wells, etc. is an essential part of the water supply system. Selecting the appropriate pressure, the level sensor is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the water supply system.

Remote monitoring can monitor the data of each monitoring point in the control room, realize the centralized control of the decentralized data, and realize the automatic control and management of water supply system while saving a lot of manpower and material resources.

The pipe network is complex, far away, wide in scope, and the installation and maintenance cost of equipment is high. Wireless transmission modules enable wireless transmission systems to be formed.

The system relies on mature network operators, with the help of mainstream cloud services, staff can access the data through the data monitoring platform or mobile phone clients. The platform enables remote monitoring of data and saves databases to generate multiple reports and curves. Convenient water company to monitor the main nodes of the underground pipe network flow, pressure, water quality and so on.

The system has the following features:

1. Low-cost communication service fee, the use of 2G/3G public network platform, no need to build a network, just install equipment, low construction costs.


2. High reliability

 2G/3G network itself has a perfect cross-frequency multiplexing mechanism, and has a strong anti-jamming performance, completely avoid the traditional multi-machine frequency band "collision" phenomenon.


3. Live Online

  2G/3G network has the characteristics of real-time online, and supports multi-point simultaneous transmission, can be between multiple monitoring points for fast, real-time two-way communication, fully meet the system's requirements for data acquisition and transmission real-time.


4. Wide range of monitoring

  The 2G/3G network has achieved nationwide coverage, unlimited expansion, unlimited access location, to meet the needs of mountain, township and cross-regional access.