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Constant Pressure Water Supply

Oil Pipeline Pressure Monitoring


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Oil Pipeline Pressure Monitoring


Pipeline leakage detection technology is an important guarantee for safe pipeline transportation.The leak detection method based on pressure signal processing and discrimination is one of the most commonly used leak detection methods because of its economy and sensitivity.

A pressure test module, usually a low-frequency ac charge pressure sensor module, is installed on the tubing at a fixed distance of 5Km or 10km, and the values are collected centrally.If a leak occurs at one point, the pressure at that point will change and will be different from other points, and according to the specific calculation, the failure point can be locked within the range of 10 meters or even higher accuracy.


1.1.1000-5000m long distance wireless transmission, no wiring, real-time pressure value changes can be viewed in the office.

2. Ultra-low power consumption, battery life as long as 3-5 years, reduce maintenance costs.

3. Strong stainless steel shell, which can be used for a long time in the wild and other bad weather environment.