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Application of pressure sensor on air compressor


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Application of pressure sensor on air compressor

Air compressors can be used in aerodynamics, gas transportation, gas refrigeration and separation, etc., and are widely used in the automation industry, electronic circuits, water treatment and pharmaceutical industries. They are also used in various factories, road construction, mining and construction industries.


The air compressor is the main body of the air source equipment, which converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into gas pressure energy. It is a device for generating air pressure of compressed air. The safe operation of the air compressor is inseparable from the support of various sensors inside. The pressure sensor is the most important, and it is an indispensable sensor to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor.


Taking the screw air compressor as an example, the normal operation of the air compressor is divided into several processes: suction, sealing, transportation, compression, and exhaust. During the transportation process, the oil vapor is compressed and the oil and gas mixed gas with higher pressure is discharged.


In the air compressor control system, the pressure sensor installed on the air outlet pipe at the rear end of the air compressor is used to control the pressure of the air compressor. When the air compressor starts running, the pressure value will gradually increase. When the compressed air pressure does not reach the upper pressure limit, the motor keeps running under load. When the pressure reaches the upper limit, the pressure sensor will send an unloading signal, the solenoid valve stops working, and the air intake Turn off, the motor runs at no load, so as to protect the air compressor from normal operation, and avoid damage to the equipment caused by the air compressor operating under load under high pressure.


In the air compressor safety management system, the pressure sensor can also help complete the side airbag control. There are two plans for the operation of the airbag on the side of the air compressor: acceleration sensor and pressure sensor. Compared with the acceleration sensor, the pressure sensor is nearly three times faster than the acceleration sensor in detecting the side impact speed, and the probability of misoperation is smaller.


Our company has always been committed to the pressure monitoring solution of the air compressor industry. The pressure sensor for air compressors has been at the forefront of the industry after nearly ten years of continuous exploration and research. Our air compressor pressure sensor has the following characteristics:


Use dry ceramic core-no risk of oil leakage, no pollution

Good economy-competitive prices to meet growing market demand

High reliability-can adapt to the harsh working environment of different air compressors

Small size-easy to install, convenient for customer integrated maintenance

High accuracy-zero point, full range laser calibration can ensure the most stable accuracy output

Multi-interface types-to meet customers' different installation needs