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Pressure Sensor is Applied to the Safety Control System Of Air Compressor


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Pressure Sensor Used in Air Compressor

Pressure sensor is often used in the safety control system, the main field is the air compressor's own safety management system. There are many sensor applications in the field of safety control. Pressure sensor, as a very common sensor, is not surprising in the safety control system. The application in the field of safety control is generally considered from the aspect of performance, from the consideration of price, as well as from the safety and convenience of actual operation, which has proved that the selection of pressure sensor has a very good effect. In the safety control system, pressure sensors are installed in the pipeline equipment at the air outlet to control the pressure caused by the compressor to a certain extent. This is a protective measure and a very effective control system. When the compressor is started normally, if the pressure value does not reach the upper limit, the controller will open the air inlet to adjust the equipment to reach the maximum power.