Refrigeration System Pressure Measurement Solutions

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Industrial Background

Refrigerator as a refrigeration equipment, is suitable for civil, industrial and agricultural applications. Pressure detection control is the most important process in refrigeration systems. To ensure the normal and safe operation of the system,and judge the cause of the failure timely, how to solve the problem of pressure monitoring and control has become an important issue.

Refrigeration System Working Principle

The refrigeration compressor, uses refrigerants as the compressed working fluid, together with the condenser, evaporator, throttle valve (also called throttle capillary) constitutes a refrigeration (heating) system, which is the heart of the entire refrigeration system.The refrigeration compressor sucks the steam from the evaporator, raises its temperature and pressure, and discharges it to the condenser, the high-pressure superheated refrigerant vapor releases heat and condenses at the condensation temperature, and then passes through the throttling element. The gas-liquid mixture flows to the evaporator, and the refrigerant liquid absorbs heat and boils at the evaporation temperature, turns into vapor and then enters the compressor, thus realizing the continuous circulation of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system.


In order to realize the normal operation of the compressor, it is necessary to monitor the pressure of the system in real time, because once a failure occurs, its operating pressure will change. By detecting the pressure of the refrigeration system, it can be judged whether the refrigeration system has a failure. The traditional process uses a pressure switch to achieve limit control, but now with the advancement of technology, and the pressure switch cannot be continuously controlled, a pressure transmitter is required to monitor the pressure in real time, and detect the amount of refrigerant, compressor working condition according to the refrigerant pressure. When the compressor is working, together with the temperature sensor to jointly control the operation and shutdown of the air conditioning system to achieve safe operation of the system.

Product Introduction

The pressure transmitter GPT233S GAMICOS introduced for refrigeration systems is small in size, high in integration, strong in vibration resistance, high in precision, long in service life, strong in alternation resistance, strong in overload shock and interference protection, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, etc,widely used in inverter air-conditioning systems (commercial air-conditioning and central air-conditioning), suction and discharge pressure monitoring, compressor oil pressure monitoring, condenser fan control, compressor energy output control, electronic expansion valve control, system diagnosis process, refrigeration system, transportation refrigeration and other fields.

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