GPT200 Series Pressure Transmitter in Agricultural irrigation

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Industrial Background

As the climate changes and population increases, food production and supply are facing increasing pressure. Irrigation is one of the necessary parts in agricultural production, however, traditional irrigation has the disadvantages of water resource waste and land degradation. To effectively resolve these problems, water-saving irrigation system has gradually become an important means of developing agricultural production today.

Water-saving irrigation system is a new way to reasonably use water resource by modern technological methods. Its core idea is to reduce wastage of water as much as possible under the premise of ensuring normal growth of crops.

Two Problems that Agricultural Irrigation Faces

To achieve automated precision irrigation in the whole system, it is necessary to know various information such as the water pressure of pipelines, the liquid level of reservoirs, soil moisture, temperature, rainfall, etc. The most important problem is pressure monitoring of the pipeline. Water pressure of each pipeline section should be monitored to determine whether the water supply is normal, which faces two core questions,
1.How to select sensors?

2.How to achieve data remote monitoring?

Solution Introduction

In this irrigation system, it requires the cooperation of the following links: 
1.By installing pressure sensors in the pipeline of the irrigation system, the pressure of the entire system can be monitored to ensure that water pressure changes of each section of the pipeline can be monitored.
2.Installing liquid level sensor at a water source, well or reservoir to monitor liquid level in the pool in order to add water.
3.Installing temperature and humidity sensor at irrigation target area to grasp temperature and humidity of the soil, which contributes to judge whether sprinkler irrigation is needed.
Collect data of each sensor by wireless terminal, upload to cloud platform, and monitor data through APP or PC at any time and place. 

How to achieve automatic plant irrigation system?

We recommend GPT200 pressure transmitter through understanding of customer site conditions and products functional requirements. 

  • It adopts liquid level outlets, IP68 protection grade to avoid sensor damage in the process of spraying and water immersion. 
  • To solve water hammer, the sensor liquid inlet hole has damping settings to prevent products from damaging because of instantaneous high pressure. 
  • It adopts 3.3V power supply, 0.5~2.5V low power consumption output, connects with wireless transmission module, and transmits to customers’ control platform with other sensors signals to achieve automated control and monitor of the irrigation system
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