How to solve the diesel generator fuel monitoring problem

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Diesel generators are necessary and powerful electrical equipment in today’s world, which help to have a stable and reliable power supply in the event of a power outage or areas without grid coverage.

Diesel generator, also called “Diesel generator set”, are capable of producing electricity without interruption at a continuous voltage. This uninterrupted electricity flow is very necessary for large and medium-sized industries, which is why various diesel generator sets can be often used in production, manufacturing, business operations and other industries. The monitoring problems of diesel generators caused by this need to be solved urgently.


It is extremely important to monitor fuel level, pressure and temperature control of diesel generator set to make generators operate steadily for a long time. If the lubricating oil pressure and fuel pressure of the diesel generator are insufficient, the generator will not work. So  the generators need to detect and control its fuel level, water tank level, pressure and temperature .We are professional to supply the sensors needed by the generator set to solve your generator set monitoring needs.

Product recommendation

GLTV3 Reed Switch Level Sensor adopts the principle that the magnetic field controls reed switch contact on and off. It is widely used in the oil tank at the bottom of the generator set, and it has the advantages of long service life, anti-vibration and explosion-proof. 

GLTV4 Mechanical Fuel Level Gauge, integrates the function of fuel level measuring and display, it can operate normally without power supply.

GLTV7 Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor coninuously detects the level of fuel level by changing the capacitance caused by the rise or fall of fuel;It has the characteristics of strong stability and long service life.

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