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Industrial Background

A large number of tanks are often used to store diesel oi in outdoor diesel generators, oil depots and various petrochemical tanks, including vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, various special-shaped tanks, and vehicle diesel tanks. etc, currently, there are several methods on the market to measure the liquid level of these tanks.

The common method of measuring directly with a ruler which needs to open the top cover, It is not only inconvenient and unsafe, but also poor measurement accuracy . Anther one to use magnetostrictive, radar, ultrasonic, etc, it has shortcomings of high cost, poor protection level and complex installation and maintenance, which is not conducive to comprehensive promotion and application. So a new type of liquid level measurement was born at the right moment.

Product Solution

With the rapid development of IoT in recent years, submersible level sensor takes its unique advantage within level sensor market due to the advantages of accurate measurement, higher accuracy, fast response time, advanced technology and lower consumption, and can adapt to the development of IoT society, the solid stainless steel housing makes it available in the vast majority of medium level measurement, and stands the leading position in contact level measurement.

Working Principle

The working principle of the liquid level sensor is to measure the level by measuring the pressure of the liquid. It is just thrown on the bottom of tanks to measure pressure value of liquid in the tank, and converts the measured value into a liquid level according to the known density of the medium. The submersible level sensor can output various signal and connect on-site display control instrument and realize single-loop measurement control. It can also connect to such control systems like PLC, DCS、SIS, etc. to realize the requirements of liquid level display and control.

Product Introduction

GLT5001 level sensor is specially designed for diesel level measurement by GAMICOS, it adopts a highly reliable silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as the pressure sensitive core, after automatic temperature compensation, programmable digital circuit correction and signal conditioning, it can output standard analog and digital signals.

Combined with market research, listen to customer needs, GLT5001 is introduced by our company. It not only has a general-purpose design suitable for conventional liquid level measurement, but also has a design with a magnetic suction seat for mobile tank monitoring to meet liquid level measurement under different working conditions. The products are carefully designed, components screening, fixed process, through pressure cycle, aging, environmental simulation test and other methods to ensure that each product is stable and reliable.

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