Monitoring Solution in Petrochemical Tank Area

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Industrial Background

Petrochemical tank area refers to an area used to store petrochemical products, usually including storage tanks, pipelines, pumping stations and other facilities. These tank areas are usually near to industrial parks or ports. They are important parts of the petroleum and chemical industries.

Since petroleum and chemical products are highly dangerous, monitoring of petrochemical tank areas is extremely important. The monitoring work mainly includes real-time monitoring of the liquid level, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the storage tank to ensure the safe operation of the tank area.

The challenges under the background of petrochemical tank area monitoring include the complex internal environment of the tank farm, diverse liquid properties, and harsh operating conditions. Therefore, advanced monitoring technologies and equipment are needed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of monitoring.

Pain points

1.There are different levels between automation and intelligence. Although part of tank areas have realized relatively high automatic monitoring and management, there are still a large number of old facilities in the industry with low levels of automation and digitization, making it difficult to achieve real-time monitoring and efficient response.
2.Insufficient data integration and analysis capabilities: If the large amount of data generated by tank farm monitoring cannot be effectively integrated and analyzed, it will be difficult to realize its value in predicting maintenance, optimizing operations, etc.
Major hazard source management: it is key to identifying and managing major sources. but how to accurately judge, effectively monitor and ensure emergency measures are in place remains a major difficulty.

System application solutions

To solve the problems of data monitoring and realize the safe and reliable operation of the tank area, for tank area monitoring, we have a systematic monitoring plan. The system integrates high accuracy sensor, wireless transmission equipment, cloud data processing platform and intelligent early warning system. Each storage tank is installed anti-corrosive, high reliability and intelligent pressure transmitter, high-accuracy radar level meter and temperature transmitter, these devices can continuously collect pressure, liquid level and temperature data of the medium in the tank and transmit them to the cloud server in real time via 4G wireless technology. They can display pressure, liquid level and temperature curves of each storage tank in real time. Once the parameters exceed the preset safety range, the system immediately triggers an early warning and notifies on-site operators and managers via text messages, email push, etc. to ensure a rapid response.

The system topology diagram is as follows:

Relative products

Model GTT600 GLT741 GPT241 GRT102
Characteristics PT100 industrial temperature sensor, integrated collection and transmission, analog output, high precision, stable and reliable performance.
80G frequency modulation radar level meter, not affected by medium temperature and pressure, small blind area and high accuracy80G frequency modulation radar level meter, not affected by medium temperature and pressure, small blind area and high accuracy
Intelligent pressure transmitter, field adjustable, high precision, high stability.
No transmission distance limit, can collect 3 analog signals; data can be uploaded to the cloud directly, can be viewed on mobile APP and PC, abnormal SMS and email reminders.
Applications Petrochemical, food and medicine, sewage treatment

Customer case

Background information

A petrochemical industry in Niger wants to carry out intelligent transformation of the finished product tank area. The tank area is located in the second half of the entire plant, far away from the entire production operation area. The cost of collecting data to the central control room is too high, and the daily inspection workload is large. Therefore, it wants to realize wireless remote monitoring of the tank area, including liquid level monitoring of the tank area storage tanks, temperature monitoring, and pressure monitoring of the transmission pipeline, to achieve safe and effective management of the tank area and reduce the management and operation costs of the tank area.


Combined with customers’ onsite actual applications, medium temperature, tanks level and pipeline pressure should be mainly monitored. We recommend the following solutions: 
1.Transmitter measurement: Customer uses our radar level meter to measure tank level, intelligent pressure transmitter to measure pipeline pressure, and temperature sensor to measure medium temperature to complete monitoring data collection.
2.Wireless monitoring: We adopt the latest IoT module to wirelessly transmit the signals collected by the sensor, synchronize the data to the PC and mobile phone APP through the cloud, realize real-time data monitoring and over-limit alarm, set the alarm value independently, and remind via email or SMS when the limit is exceeded

Solution effect

Through this intelligent transformation of the tank areas, we help customers set up an intelligent tank area management system to realize real-time and accurate monitoring of the key parameters like pressure, level, and temperature, etc., thereby  improving production efficiency, ensuring safe production, reducing the difficulty of personnel work, making tank area monitoring more intelligent and humane, and reducing environmental pollution at the same time. 

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