GPT430 in Machinery equipments

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GPT430 oil pressure monitor in mechanical equipment

Oil Pressure Measurement Introduction

Oil pressure system is a common hydraulic system, can be used to transmit force and power. In the field of engineering and mechanical fields, oil pressure system is usually used to control and operate various equipment and machines, such as hydraulic machinery, hydraulic excavator, and hydraulic lift. Oil pressure monitoring can help engineers and operators monitor the working status of equipment in real time, and discover device anomalies, ensure normal device operating. Through oil pressure monitoring, problems such as oil leakage and insufficient pressure can be discovered in time so as to avoid equipment failure and damage caused by oil pressure problems and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment. At the same time, oil pressure monitoring can also help companies perform equipment maintenance and upkeep, extend the service life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.  

Difficulties in oil pressure monitoring

1.The oil pressure monitoring environment is complex: Mechanical equipment usually operates in harsh working environments, such as high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and other conditions. Oil pressure monitoring equipment is easily affected by the external environment, resulting in inaccurate monitoring data.
2.High pressure: The pressure of the hydraulic system is generally high, especially in the hydraulic system. Occasionally, the pressure will be too high for a moment, causing devastating blows to the measuring components.
3.Difficulty in maintenance: Generally, the installation location of pressure monitoring is inside the equipment or in a closed space. Later maintenance of the product is difficult, so the product quality requirements are strict.

Product Recommendation

For equipment oil pressure monitoring conditions, we have launched the GPT430 mechanical equipment pressure transmitter, which adopts the principle of metal sputtering film. The product uses 17-4PH stainless steel as the sensing diaphragm, integrated structural design, anti-overload, and excellent anti-vibration performance, temperature range -40~120℃, which is suitable for use in high-pressure environments with harsh working conditions.

The performance comparison of common pressure transmitters is as follows:

Name ceramic pressure transmitter Diffused silicon pressure transmitter Sputtered Thin Film Pressure Transmitter
Range 0~0.2~20Mpa


Diaphragm  material
316L isolation diaphragm
17-4PH flexible stainless steel
Installation structure
Seal assembly
Sealing ring seal or welded structure
Sealing ring seal or welded structure
Temperature characteristics
Medium temperature:-40-100℃
Medium temperature:-30-80℃
Medium temperature:-40-120℃
Accuracy 0.5%~1%
0.25%, 0.5%, 0.1%
0.25%, 0.5%
Overload capability
Ceramic diaphragm overload 1~1.5 times
Overload 1.5 times
Stainless steel diaphragm, overload is usually 2-4 times, product performance is not affected
Damage capability
About two times range,there is a risk of media overflow after the diaphragm ruptures
2-3 times range, the silicone oil inside will be lost after damage.
The product can withstand up to 5-10 times rated pressure without damage.
Earthquake resistance


Wear resistance
Good temperature performance, good corrosion resistance, economical product price, suitable for civil and public facilities, scenarios with low performance requirements.
The product has obvious advantages in the small range segment, high precision, general-purpose product, moderate price, excellent performance, and is suitable for almost all occasions.
The product has poor sensitivity in the small range and is suitable for scenarios such as engineering machinery and drilling exploration that require high overload and earthquake resistance.

Actual customer use cases

A foreign customer is developing an automatic sprayer to spray and irrigate crops. The agricultural vehicle is equipped with a hydraulically supported extension arm to achieve telescopic arm span. A single trip can achieve an operating range of 20 meters, greatly increasing the operating speed, however, it requires the pressure of the hydraulic system is monitored to prevent damage to the system caused by mechanical failure, as well as the pipeline pressure and tank liquid level during operation to increase operation reliability.

Key points

1.The working pressure of the hydraulic system is high, and the instantaneous pressure is high when the equipment is working. Choosing a sensor with a large range will cause the system to monitor inaccurately and fail to achieve the effect. A sensor with a suitable range will cause damage under instantaneous overload pressure.
2.How to remotely monitor the liquid level of the vehicle tank, pipeline pressure, and process pressure of the hydraulic system, and issue alarms at different locations?


After understanding the actual needs of the customer, we recommend four products to the customer to form the recommended measurement and monitoring system.
1.For the oil pressure measurement of the hydraulic transmission system, our sputtered film transmitter GPT430 is used, which is resistant to overload, high temperature, and has a measuring range of 60Mpa to achieve accurate monitoring of oil pressure.
2.For pipeline liquid measurement, the diffusion silicon pressure transmitter GPT200 is used, which is cheap and highly accurate, and can realize pipeline pressure detection during the spray process.
3.For vehicle-mounted storage tanks, where the liquid composition is uncertain, and there are different media switching between water, pesticides, and fertilizers, the tank liquid level uses our anti-corrosion capacitive sensor GLTV7E to achieve accurate measurement of the liquid level.
4.The entire pressure and liquid level data collection uses our GRT102 wireless collection module, and the data is uploaded to the cloud in real time. The pressure and liquid level alarm thresholds are set through the platform, and reminders are sent directly via SMS or email in special circumstances to avoid unexpected situations.

The customer application pictures are as follows

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