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Corporate Culture
Our Vision

Committed to become a sensor and solution service provider that led the industry and preferred by users.

Our Mission

To form a first rated talent development system and create value for our customers constantly.

Our Values
Customer is the God
Sense of ownership
Embracing changes

1. Respect others and maintaining image of the company at all time;
2. Smile to face complaints and grievances, and take the initiative to solve problems for customers at work;
3. In the process of communicating with customers, even if it is not my responsibility, I will not shirk it;
4. Think for customers and balance all requirements on basis of stick to the principles;
5. With advanced service awareness, nip in the bud

1. As the role of a start-up: Love the work, agree and hold culture of the company, advocating the spirit of arduous struggle, continue to identify problems and solve problems;
2. As the role of a farmer: Only do things related with the job during working time and follow necessary working process; Could arrange working schedule according to priorities and do things correctly;
3. As the role of a tutor: Understand development strategy and operating principle of the Company correctly, working as an example and teach others properly; Study constantly and practice working skills, accumulating working experiences and share them to other colleagues as necessary help;
4. As the role of a cheerleader: Facing daily work with positive and optimistic attitude, constantly self-motivating and seeking ways of improving; Never give up and improve the team morale and atmosphere positively;
5. As the role of an engine: Learned to find the original source of working and reach to success with the team under circumstances of no encouragement, no endorsement, no help, no understanding, no tolerance, no escape route and only with stress

1. Love the Company with an overall view and do not care about personal gains and losses;
2. Clearly know about positions and divisions, making efforts for the team;
3. Could accept help from other colleagues and working as a team, be good at solving problems with the team;
4. Make constructive comments actively before decision-making, and fully participate in the team discussion; fully supported from words and deeds after decision-making, no matter there is any personal objections or not;
5. Could work with different colleagues and not taking personal emotions to work, strictly follow the principle of “on the issue, not the person

1. Live with daily changes of the Company and no complains;
2. Treat the changes rationally with thorough communication and sincere cooperation; Could make self-adjustment on hardness and difficulties caused by changes, and encourage colleagues positively;
3. Follow but not adhere to working process, could be flexible and create more efficient ways to work;
4. Could work with forward looking consciousness and create new methods and give new ideas;
5. Create changes for great improvement

1. Behave properly, not affected by interest and pressure;
2. Express viewpoints through proper ways and process,Offer suggestions while expressing a different idea;
3. Not spread unconfirmed messages, not discuss issues and people irresponsibly, Lead people to positive side;
4. Have courage to admit mistakes and with sense of responsibility;
5. Objectively present problems and stop any dishonest actions that may harm the company



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