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Radar Level Meter

GLT71 non contact liquid solid horn radar level transmitter

For strong acid, strong base, chemical liquid
Measuring range: 20 meter
Signal output: 4~20mA/HART/ RS485/Modbus
Accuracy: ±5mm

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GLT71 SeriesRadar Level Sensor  is high-frequency level measuring instruments with the maximum measuring distance up to 70 meters. The antenna is further optimized, and the new-type microprocessor can perform higher rate of signal analysis and processing, making the instrument available for complex measurement conditions, such as reactors, solid silos.

GLT711 is designed for all kinds of strong corrosive liquid, strong acid, strong base, Chemical liquid

photobank (2).png

Measuring range

A. Measuring range setting

B. Low position adjustment

C.High position adjustment                          

D.Blind spot range

Measurement datum:

thread bottom and flange sealing surface 



All kinds of strong corrosive liquid, strong acid, strong base, Chemical liquid

Measuring range20 meter
Process connectionScrew thread, Flange
Medium Temperature-40~120°C

Process pressure




Frequency range



safety grade

Exia II CT6 Ga, Exd ia II CT6 Gb / IP67

Signal output

4~20mA/HART(Twowire/Four wire) RS485/Modbus

Application and Installation