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Vehicle Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

Vehicle Fuel Tank Level Monitoring


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Vehicle Fuel Tank Level Monitoring



With the continuous development of the automobile industry, the measurement of the liquid level of the automobile fuel tank has become more and more important. The monitoring, display and early warning of the fuel level at any time and anywhere are necessary conditions to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle. Secondly, the leakage of the fuel tank will also cause extreme Large energy and economic waste. In severe cases, vicious events such as vehicle breakdowns and even fuel tank explosions will occur. With advanced automotive fuel tank level measurement technology, the automotive industry can reach a new level.

The fuel consumption monitoring system based on the new fuel level sensor can realize the requirement of real-time and effective monitoring of the fuel volume in the fuel tank of the car to which it belongs, effectively prevent vehicle fuel loss events, and can monitor the current fuel volume and consumption of the vehicle in real time. The development and application of oil level sensors play an important role in ensuring the safety of vehicles, reducing fuel consumption, and realizing modernization, informatization and intelligence of vehicle management.

Measurement methods

There are different methods for monitoring the fuel level of the automobile fuel tank, of which two are the most used:

Use capacitive sensors:


The capacitive oil level sensor uses the capacitance formed between the probe and the container to change linearly with the liquid level, and converts the change of the liquid level into a linear output, which can directly display the liquid level or send it directly to the remote monitoring system. The same sensor can change the measuring medium or change the installation environment at any time, and can automatically adapt and accurately measure without re-calibration, and is not affected by the change of dielectric constant and temperature.

Float sensor (reed switch):


Now the automatic fuel gauge sensors of automobiles belong to this type; the working principle is to use the buoyancy of the liquid to the magnetic float, and the reed of the float level gauge is magnetically attracted to change the position of the liquid level into an electrical signal. The reed switch is connected in sections, and the length of each section is the test accuracy of the level gauge. It is durable but the accuracy and stability are slightly worse than that of the capacitive type, and the price is cheaper.

Extended use of oil level monitoring:

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of intelligence of all kinds of sensor equipment, especially the general application of the Internet of Things, the simple oil level monitoring cannot meet the requirements of modern society. The oil level sensor and GPS, fuel consumption monitoring and other equipment are used together, from The single function of oil level monitoring is developed to a higher level such as systematization, networking and intelligence, which can realize the monitoring of oil products and fuel consumption, and the monitoring of vehicle driving regulations. This is the development direction of oil level monitoring.

Products Recommended:

1 GLTV7:

GLTV7 is a new generation of capacitive oil level sensor. The core component of the product adopts the international advanced highly integrated special IC chip. After precise temperature compensation and linear correction, it is converted into standard analog or digital signal output. The capacitive oil level sensor has on-site calibration. With functions, users can perform automatic calibration of zero point, arbitrary cut-off length, and range to adapt to various harsh or complex applications.

Capacitive oil level sensor measurement is not affected by different oil products, no matter how the fuel label is changed, or what additives are added, the true oil level can be accurately measured without recalibration, and factors such as temperature and radio frequency interference can be used for the sensor It has no effect.


Independence: The fuel consumption value is obtained directly by measuring the fuel volume of the fuel tank, without any effect or influence on the oil system/pipeline.

Convenience: It can be installed and fixed by flange, simple and easy to operate.

Uniqueness: It has the function of self-cutting of the range, the user can recalibrate by pressing the button, and the digital output can also be equipped with debugging software.

Self-adjusting: The sensor can adjust the range and implement installation on site according to different fuel tank sizes; the sensor adds a temperature compensation function to automatically correct errors caused by different temperatures.

Safety: Directly replace the original car's fuel gauge, without re-drilling a hole in the fuel tank to install a capacitive sensor. The electronic cabin adopts explosion-proof design and has passed explosion-proof certification.

Stability: Without any mechanical moving parts, mature and stable circuit structure and high-quality components will enable the sensor to be used continuously for several years without replacement.


The GLTV3 reed switch oil level sensor is a sensor commonly used in automobile oil level detection units. The float ball moves up and down with the change of oil level. The float ball is equipped with a magnetic ring, which can control the reed switch in the oil rod. , So as to convert the oil level change into an output signal to measure the oil level height sensor. GLTV3 can be matched with the original pointer instrument panel, and can also be equipped with digital display instruments or light beam displays. The output signal includes resistance signal, voltage and current signal. It has high corrosion resistance, does not produce electric sparks, is safe and reliable, and is especially suitable for use in fuel (not affected by oil and oil volume).


Flexibility: Various oil rod lengths can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. The fuel tank size of each vehicle type is different, and the fuel rod size of different length can achieve optimal installation.

Alarm output: high and low alarms can be customized, so as to send out early warning when the oil level is too high or too low to avoid affecting normal driving. 

Simple installation: Standard 5-hole flange installation, simple and easy to operate, maintenance-free, convenient for on-site construction.

Safety: It adopts the principle of magnetic field to control the contact of the dry reed switch, no sparks, long life and explosion-proof characteristics.

Stability: The structure of the product is simple and firm, and the unique design makes the product have excellent anti-vibration characteristics, which can meet the harsh environment of various vehicles.


GLTV7S is a special instrument tailor-made for the measurement of oil level in locomotive fuel tanks, automobile fuel tanks, tank cars, oil depots, etc. The core components of the product adopt advanced radio frequency capacitance detection circuits and undergo strict temperature compensation and linear correction by 16-bit single-chip microcomputers. Converted into standard electrical signals. Optional voltage, current, CANBUS, 485 communication protocol for system configuration. This product is suitable for all kinds of occasions where the oil level of gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil, etc. is accurately measured and controlled, and it can work stably under particularly harsh site conditions and severe electromagnetic interference. 


Self-calibration function: This product has self-adaptive function. After calibration before leaving the factory, if the customer switches different measurement media in use, the product can complete the media switching and accurately measure after simple self-adaptation. To 

Multiple measurement media: In addition to monitoring various oil levels, this product can also measure various chemical reagents and water levels.

Good stability: 304/316 stainless steel material, excellent anti-sticking, anti-hanging, anti-foam characteristics, can be suitable for various measuring media and applications.

Sturdy structure: The product has a sturdy structure, is not afraid of falling from a high altitude, is impact-resistant and vibration-resistant, and can be used in various vehicle environments.