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Water Level Meter

GLT500A 30m-500m Deep Well Water Level Indicator with Sounder

30m-500m level range
9V lithium battery-powered
Plastic and metal reel (OEM)
Metric and inch steel ruler are optional

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The water level indicator is consist of the probe, steel ruler and reel. The new integrated circuit board design and development . With the function of polarization resistance excitation circuit and corrosion-resistant electrode to effectively prevent the electrode oxidation rust, keeping long-term sensitivity.Water level indicator can be widely used in water conservancy project , hydrology, geography, environmental protection and other areas of industry and agriculture fields.



Level Range


Shell MatreialABSMetallica
Shell colourblue, yellow, silver gray, black

Battery power

9V lithium battery

conductor: Multi-strand tinning copper wires twisted

Ecderon: Special PUR or PE mixed

Ecderon color : natural color

Product Show

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